Living in Boston I’ve become accustomed to heavy accents and local vernacular  I think it’s great, (or I think it’s WICKED AWESOME), and always makes me feel tied to my city. Pittsburghese is pretty amazing, so many pronunciations and sayings… We reached out to some Pittsburgh dwellers to have them help us write the text for our Pittsburgh print in Pittsburghese. here are a few fun things we found on the web.

–  First here are some exercises to warm you up

– If you want to know all the details of Pittsburghese check out this article by PBS.

– Here is your list of vocab to practice.

– Watching these videos will get you speaking like a pro. This one is my favorite.

We paired our favorite Pittsburghese sayings with some of our favorite Pittsburgh celebs. Zachary Quinto, (how cute is he?), Andy Warhol, Christina Aguilera, Michael Keaton, Gene Kelly, Wiz Khalifa, Lurch and (one of my all time favorite actresses) Frances McDormand.