About Map Ink

We've changed our name! JHill Design is now Map Ink.
Same people, same prints, new name. 

Once upon a time people were homesick, daydreaming of places from their past.... Enter Map Ink -  original, place-inspired patterned maps paired with clean typography.  Our maps are an affordable + chic way to show your love of a place in your home.

 In 2004, Jennifer Hill started the "Places I Have Never Been" drawing series. She was driving to NH on a dark night listening to Modest Mouse. They have a line in a song that says "we named our children after towns, that we've never been to." She started day dreaming about places she had never been to and started to see patterns. When she got home, Jennifer started to sketch and decided to put the drawings together as a desk calendar gift for my design clients. People enjoyed the calendar so she started to sell them and it organically morphed into a print series of "modern travel posters." Over 100 patterns have been created and dedicated to places around the world (from Charleston, South Carolina, to Bangkok, Thailand)...

Jennifer has traveled quite a bit, from studying in Belize, to backpacking through Europe, to getting married in a small Costa Rican surf village, to honeymooning in Spain and Morocco, to working for Aid to Artisans in Haiti to taking her son on adventures in Joshua Tree, Italy, Montana and Puerto Rico. 

All maps are designed are designed by Jennifer Hill / Map Ink and printed in the United States.