boston marathoner personalized course posterOur studio is just a couple miles from the Boston Marathon finish line, it’s one of the things I look forward to every year. Especially this year when there will be more fans cheering on the runners than ever, (this year I’d hug every single runner if I could).

We have been asked for a few years to make a Boston Marathoner Map Print and we are finally doing it. The cool thing is that we are personalizing our Boston Marathoner Map Print for the runners.

The idea came after my friend Holly had us do a series of Personalized Map Prints for her Marathon-running sister-in-law. It was really fun to do and the story the prints tell of travel and athleticism is really inspiring. We loved making the above prints for Tenely, here is a little about her running life:

“I’m Tenley Ludewig, 39, and I’ve been running since I started track in middle school.  I ran my first marathon at 28 when I learned a number of my friends had run them and I wanted to see if I could do one as well.  My first was the Marine Corps Marathon in my hometown of DC and it was memorable not only because it was my first but because my family all came out to cheer me on.  In the last five years, I have trained with Capital Area Runners, a group with a very established coach.  I have completed three more marathons during this time.  I hate training in the winter, so I have not raced Boston yet, but I will one day when I get a thick skin.  I enjoyed the last six miles of Boston helping my friend come in back in 2012 and that was exhilarating.”

My favorite thing about this photo is that you can see Tenely’s running shoes.