Our Pittsburgh Mix Tape shapes up nicely with an eclectic mix of artists from the Pittsburgh area. Click here to listen to our playlist.

Wiz Khalifa: Cameron Jibril Thomaz is an American rapper known for his Pittsburgh anthem “Black and Yellow”. His video for the song was filmed in Pittsburgh and shows off many of the cities’ sites. I’ve also been told that the Boston Bruins play this song at their games, since their colors are the same as the Penguins.

Betty Davis: Davis is an American funk, rock and soul singer (and former moderl – so beautiful). She was also Miles Davis‘s second wife and friend to Jimi Hendrix. Davis grew up in Pittsburgh.

Christina Aguilera: X-Tina lived with her mother at her grandmother’s home in Rochester, Pennsylvania, outside Pittsburgh. We’ve all seen X-Tina go from Genie in a Bottle to Dirty to now a mama on the Voice. My husband has had a crush on her for a gazillion years.

Mac Miller: Mac was raised in the Point Breeze part of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2012 Mac released the EP Pink Slime, a collaboration with Pharrell.

Girl Talk:  Greg Gillis (the musician behind Girl Talk) began experimenting with DJing while a student in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bridgeville. The MassArt kids that interview at JHill Design for internships have a great portfolio project where they create an infographic for all the mashups in one Girl Talk song. I’ve always thought they’d be an amazing exhibit, with Girl Talk playing of course.

Brett Micheals:  The lead singer from Poison (and the star of Rock of Love) grew up north of Pittsburgh in the city of Butler, Pennsylvania.Listening to “Every Rose Has it’s Thorn” brings me right back to junior high dances at the rec center.