I love to eat so our food posts are some of my favorites, I have to say Pittsburgh has some very yummy native foods.
1. IRON CITY BEER Every city should have their own beer.
2. ISALY’S CHIP CHOPPED HAM I made one of these sometime ago, (I’m sure the one I’d get in da ‘Burgh would be 2340958 times better than mine), and I’d say it was a kin to the pulled pork and the shaved steak sandwich. Here are some crazy recipes you can try at home.
3. PRIMANTI BROTHER’S SANDWICH Grilled meat, an Italian-dressing-based coleslaw, tomato, and FRENCH FRIES between two pieces of Italian bread. Amazing. Here is how to make your own.
4. HEINZ KETCHUP Being from Boston, one of the homes of Theresa Heinz Kerry, I’m quite familiar with the name. I owe a huge debt to Heinz because if our son won’t eat something, you can bet he will if he can dip it in Heinz.
5. KLONDIKE BAR I love these. My dad used to eat them all the time. I once bought the “lower-cal” Klondike bars and realized they were just half the size of the regular bars – and I was ok with that. See here were they were made.
6. CLARK BARS  I’ve never had a Clarks Bar but I plan to run out and get one. The Company was born in two back rooms of a house in Pittsburgh’s North Side in 1886.