A few of my favorite things about Rome, Italy…
The colors of the Campo de’ Fiori Market, (which is next to a fantastic bakery, Campo de’Fiori).
Michelangelo’s impossibly fluid marble.
Painted angels on high (this after hours tour is on my bucket list).
Bernini’s work; risqué and otherwise
The largest amphitheater ever built, (buy tickets ahead of time to lessen a massive line)
A tart + sweet cocktail with a twist of orange, (try the Negroni’s flirty sister… the Aperol Sprtiz). 
My 3 favorite Roman pasta dishes: Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe.
Finish it off with Gelato, (my favorite cone was topped with whipped cream via Venchi).

We spent 4 days of our 2 week Italian holiday in Rome, not nearly enough. I’d go back in an instant.