My sister-in-law’s boyfriend is a photographer / videographer who used to work for Burton, (check out his great skiing movie A New Dawn), so whenever I have a camera question I go to him. They were sweet enough to give us an amazing little video camera for our wedding last year and the first thing I thought of (of course) was “what kind of bag am I going to get for it?!” (any excuse for a new bag is thrilling for me).
He set me up with this tech / camera backpack from Burton and I love it, it’s called the Burton Zoom 28L. It has a sleeve that fits our laptop, a small pocket at the top of the bag where we put all the chargers, then the back of the bag unzips to reveal this large area that you split up with padded velcro pieces anyway you like. This is were we put our little point-and-shoot, the video camera, and a digital slr. It’s a lot and it all fits. We use this to store everything while we travel, but when we are walking around we really only bring one or 2 cameras, so those pop into my hand bag and the backpack stays home. 
Burton’s site has the Zoom 26, maybe that is the new one. Of course, we have the black and orange one. (For someone who designs in color, all I own is black – go figure).