Meet our first featured personalized print customer Michelle! Here is Michelle is on the left with a couple, Jinnefer and Aaron, who received Michelle’s personalized city print as a wedding gift, along with her husband Ray.

In Michelle’s own words:
I first came across JHill Design on a blog back in 2010.  I loved her “Places I’ve Never Been” series, and was immediately drawn to her Bangkok print because I had studied abroad there, and then lived there for a year after college.  While poking around the website, I noticed the “Personalize” section with examples using different city patterns to memorialize engagements, weddings, births, etc., and I thought that one of these pieces would make such a nice wedding gift!  I love to give personal gifts when I can, especially to commemorate special occasions like weddings.  I gave my first print to a couple in 2010, and since then I would say my now husband and I have given at least 10 prints as wedding gifts.  I love choosing a pattern based on where the wedding is being held, the wedding colors, or something that is special and meaningful to the couple.  And then I try to personalize the text to match the couple as well.  The husband-to-be of one couple even said that the thing he was most excited for about his wedding (besides marrying his fiancé of course) was getting a print from me and my husband!  He couldn’t wait to see what we picked out for them.  This same couple had all their belongings in storage for a few months while house hunting, and their JHill print was the only piece of art they brought to hang in their temporary house.
I continue to give JHill prints as wedding gifts (three weddings this year!) and hope to be able to continue the tradition as our friends start to have babies, anniversaries, and special trips.  It’s so fun for me to choose something personal for the recipients, which is easy thanks to the variety of prints Jennifer has created.  And I know our friends appreciate the time and thought that went into choosing something unique just for them that no one else will have.  Then each time they look at it, they can remember the special day and the celebration with all their loved ones.  The only downside is that no one has given one to me and my husband!  Maybe I’ll get him one as an anniversary gift one year. :o)
Thank you!