As you can imagine, we get asked about frames a lot. We work with a great custom-framer to frame the pieces sold on our website, but custom framing, while always beautiful, isn’t always economical. Check out our favorite pre-made frames for a tight budget.

  1. Ikea: Have a european print size? You can bet Ikea will have a frame to fit. They also carry 5×7, 8×10 and other standard US frame sizes. Our favorites are the Ribba frames, which start at just $2. However, you need to inspect the corners of each Ribba frame, make sure that the corners are seamed correctly and that there aren’t any chips. Another steal is the Stomby frame at $17.99 for a 24″ x 35 3/4″. The aluminum frame and glass panel keeps this large frame from warping as opposed to other large ikea frames.

  2. Michael’s: This store both gives me a panic attack AND makes me excited to make things. They have a great framing section, and also offer custom framing and matting. Unsure of what to do? Bring your piece in with you and talk to the framer. They can guide you through the options.
  3. Blick: When I need to order frames for a show I always order the Blick Metal Gallery Frames. They also sell the high-quality Nielsen Bainbridge frames, which are the same framing components our custom framer uses.

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